"Dear Taryn, We want to sincerely express our appreciation and gratitude for your amazing contributions to Walt Disney Feature Animation´s Film, Frozen.
This film is truly a global phenomenon thanks to talented people like you, who have helped bring the character to life for our international audiences to enjoy.
We are incredibly proud of your remarkable achievements and support.
Thank you for partnering with us to make Frozen the biggest animated film of all time."

Peter Del Vecho - Producer, "Frozen " and Rick Dempsey - SVP Creative Disney Character Voices Int´l.



“Her interpretation of Billie Holiday is the best ever.”

By Jô Soares on Jô Soares TV Show



“The quality of her voice and the confidence of her interpretations are undeniable.”

By Luis Orlando Carneiro

Music Critic of Jornal do Brasil



“When I first heard her singing, I got stoned. I felt something similar to Cássia Eller’s first record, because of the denudation and the decision of her singing. Taryn is quite authentic. It’s been a long time I haven’t heard anyone singing like her.”

By Zeca Baleiro

Jornal Estado de São Paulo



“Many of the MPB stars should listen to her interpretation, a well-placed voice with an admirable extension and a firm, pleasant tone.”

By José Domingos Raffaelli

Music Critic of Jornal O Globo



"... The band´s ace in the hole is Szpilman´s daughter Taryn, whose exposure to this tradition since childhood results in an unaffected, highly convincing aproach to such ballad fare as " We'll be togheter again... "

By Mark Holston

Jazziz Magazine, April 2003, on a report regarding Big Bands, refering to the Rio Jazz Orchestra.



“ Taryn is a fabulous singer. She’s got the highest vocal emission I’ve ever seen in Brazil.”

By Roberto Menescal

Musician & one of Bossa Nova´s creator



“Taryn is our brazilian Joss Stone.”

By Tárik de Souza

Music Critic of Jornal do Brasil





Taryn was born as the 5th musical generation of the Szpilman family ( whose illustrious member , Wladislaw Szpilman was portrayed in the Roman Polanski´s Oscar winning film "The Pianist") and for almost twenty years she´s been developing herself in the tradition of Jazz & Blues and their seeds such as Classic Rock and Soul Music in Brazil.

Presently she´s the artistic director and vocalist of Rio Jazz Orchestra, founded by her father four decades ago...
That´s where she also sings sophisticated arrangements for the Bossa Nova classics ( Brazilian Jazz) and traditional Brazilian popular music.
She performed with the big band "The Billie Holiday Tribute" that quickly became very popular, bringing together for the first time in Brazil the Jazz classics of the big band era and an acting performance. The show was extended to a one year tour. Taryn appeared in popular TV shows , like the Jô Soares Late Show where she went four times.. On the first occasion he praised her as Billie´s best iterpreter these days .

She recorded two cds and one dvd with the big band, and she has released 4 cds in her solo career, 3 of which dedicated to the blues story from the 30´s to the 60´s.

Taryn is annualy invited to the biggest Jazz&Blues festivals in Brazil , where she has become the #1 female performer of these styles nowadays.

Taryn is also an actress and dubbing artist, she has been singing for the Walt Disney Company movies in Brazil for more than one decade , and she has recently performed the leading character Elsa in the biggest animated movie of all times, Disney´s "Frozen" acting and singing for the brazilian audiences the hit song "Let It Go" ( " Livre Estou" ).

She has also appeared in brazilian famous soap operas, tv series, tv commercials and tv´s biggest musical shows.

Abroad Brazil, Taryn worked in Los Angeles with Andy Summers in 2003, guitarrist of legendary band " The Police". She also sang in the Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland).





“The highlight and, no doubt, the revelation of Rio das Ostras 2008 Festival. ( ...The biggest one in South America)

A powerful voice, a strong presence on the stage and a great deal of courage in the choice of the repertoire filled with standards.

Her voice deserves prominence in the musical scenery.

Bluezz is a CD close to perfection: recording, musical arrangement, repertoire, performance and graphic presentation.

Taryn presents a work in which the honored artists would feel happy to listen to their songs.

Grade: 9,25“


Fernando de Oliveira

Musical critic of "O Dia"  newspaper



 “It was difficult to see the ground during Taryn's crowded show.

It couldn't be any different:

the repertoire plus the sympathy and the impressing vocal capacity of the singer turned her success into a sure thing.”


Heloísa Tolipan

Columnist of "Jornal do Brasil" newspaper




“In the lauching show of the Bluezz CD, Taryn could reaffirm her vocal talent in a more than competent show.

Her performance goes beyond the universe of Blues and, if our market were not invaded by fishy interests, Taryn would certainly be recognized as one of the greatest Brazilian singers.”


Antônio do Amaral Rocha

Musical critic of "Rolling Stone" magazine




“Singer Taryn Szpilman became the diva of the Rocksteet stage in the last night of Rock in Rio, on Sunday, October 2. She revisited rock classics, made rereadings of the black roots standards from the 30s to the 70s and showed that it is possible to blend all this with Brazilian musicality. ”


Glauco Araújo

Musical critic of G1.com ( Globo.com)